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Trend Day Finder

The middle bar is a trend day

Trend Day Finder (TDF) locates and analyzes trend days - those days that comprise major moves in the market. Some of the world's best traders, including Linda Bradford Raschke and Tony Crabel, have cited the importance of capturing trend days. 

Daily quotes are used to provide analysis and statistics of trend days by volume, year, month, day of the week, gap, inside days (ID) and narrow range (NR) days. Two reports are provided – a two-page summary of information by category and a detailed list of individual trend days. 

TDF is a trading tool to generate ideas and is intended for both systematic and discretionary traders. Documentation is included with suggestions for its use. Users can customize the definition of a trend day and the time period to be studied. No quote subscriptions are required. Data is retrieved from the Yahoo Finance quote database and works with all stocks and Exchange Traded Funds (QQQQ, SPY, etc).

     Trend Day Finder

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